Social Media Advertising

Many people in nowdays are usng social media to advertise, socialize, and keep up with what is going on. (“Facebook”, “LinkedIn”, “Instagram”, “Twitter”, “Google +”). This place can be a great way for businesses to become part of their daily lives and attract new customers.

OUR GOAL – to make sure that your company’s social network profiles have the concerned audience to buy your services or products.

Constant social network administration, the publication of unique content, and the promotion of consumer engagement are factors that help keep in touch with existing users and attract new customers. By working with our clients, we provide detailed advertising reports that show the effectiveness of your advertising. We help you minimize the costs of advertising needed to achieve the desired result.





-20% years 150€ /month

  • Account management
  • 5 posts
  • Cover update 1 time
  • – advertising campaign

-20% years 200€ /month

  • Account management
  • 10 posts
  • Cover update 1 time
  • 1 advertising campaign

-20% years 250€ /month

  • Account management
  • 15 posts
  • Cover update 1 time
  • 2 advertising campaign

-20% years xXx€ /month

  • Account management
  • X posts
  • Cover update X time
  • X advertising campaign



Social media have billions of active users all over the world and makes it easier than any other type of marketing to reach and connect with the target audience and generate more sales.

It is a process that includes many features that, when properly accomplished, can be distinguished from competitors and achieve very good (and likely, profitable) outcomes.

Functions provided by social media administrators:

  1. Prepares relevant content published on social networks.
  2. Creates an attractive design.
  3. Create guidelines to content.
  4. Manages comments – answers questions, responds to visitor comments, criticisms and compliments.

All of these not only guarantees the interest of existing clients or your social accounts, but also increases the flow of new visitor visits.

If you are still considering and can not make the final decision whether or not social network administrators needed, we present the essential results that you will get from highly qualified specialists:

  1. Maintaining proper functions of your social.
  2. Rising account recognition and popularity.
  3. Effectively developing your business or other activity.
  4. Actively working with your social accounts.

If you order social network administration services, you will soon get actual benefits as administrators:

  1. Helps to easily introduce your products, services or activities to unlimited number of people.
  2. Provides easy access to potential customers.
  3. Allows to promptly update current events, important news related to the activity.
  4. Guaranteed successful public communication with customers.
  5. Helps to sell the offered goods or services faster and popularize activities.
  6. Increases the number of queries.
  7. Strengthens customer loyalty and promotes feedback.
  8. Helps to build competitive advantage.
  9. Shows clear results.

Encourages visitors to engage in your activity, engage followers, and enables you to create a business-friendly community.

  1. Professionalism. Only professionals are able to properly exploit the potential of social networks.
  2. Exclusivity. Only successful communication will help distinguish your competitors.
  3. Experience Only long-time and experienced professionals know how to get the most out of your social media.

Choose the right social network administrator who will take care of you and save you a lots of valuable time!