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SEO services – Jthe advantage of your website. You can increase website traffic, the number of new clients and income. Clients are looking for you on the Internet - be more accessible. Taurus Media SEO specialists will help you to achieve the best results.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

SEO services - website optimization for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex search engines. The aim of the SEO service is to bring target consumers, who search for information on your services or products, to your website.

Kodel SEO

    Attracting new clients to the website

  • Target audience. The amount of new visitors, who are interested in your services, is increased.
  • Image development. Websites, which are at the top of search engines, are more trusted.
  • Client flow. Better positions on search engines increase the number of visitors and clients respectively.
  • Increase of sales. More visitors – more clients – increasing sales.
  • Long term benefit. You will not have to pay for each click (as with Google Adwords advertising), as your website shall be naturally displayed in the results of Google search engine.
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SEO service price

SEO price depends on the amount of key words and competition. First, you should select those key words with which you want to be found on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex. If you have not selected any words, we can help you.

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The process of website optimization

Every expert of the SEO service in Kaunas, Vilnius or other cities have separate working methods and individually designed strategies, but their goal is the same – to move your website to the first page of the search.

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Key phrases
We will help you to select proper key words
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On page SEO
We will optimize your website from the inside
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Off site SEO
We will upload good quality back links
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You will be easily found and you will only have to service new clients

SEO services FAQ

Why choose SEO?

SEO has and will have increasing influence to business. Have you ever heard about it? If you have not, it is worth trying it.

SEO not only makes the website visible and prominent, but also brings benefit to you. The point is that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines bring your website to the top of the search. Here starts the SEO return. The essential benefits of SEO:

  •  Natural flow, i.e. a lot of people visit the website. They find the website with no difficulties. Although a number of ways to increase the flow exist, SEO is the most reliable.
  •  Potential visitors, i.e. the flow is of good quality. Do you know why the flow of good quality is important? It brings profit.
  •  100% bigger profit, as people quickly buy your product, i.e. you get significantly large return.
  •  With SEO you are better than your competitors, i.e. you have reached the peak of success.

Therefore, you gain profit based on your needs! Moreover, you are a true leader in the market! Does not this prove the value of SEO?

How much does SEO cost?

No one will answer you how much will SEO cost. Why? There is no common price, which is applied by all companies. The price depends on a number of aspects, i.e. on performed work and who will carry it out as well as several other factors. However, it is worth paying for SEO, as it is an investment that pays off, i.e. gives a large return. Thus, what is included in the SEO price?

  • The amount of key words, i.e. the larger their number, the higher the price. We use various tools, e.g. Google Keyword Planner, which compiles lists of words. In addition, it displays the words searched and how many times a month.
  • The type of a website, i.e. the importance is whether it is a website or an online shop. An online shop is more expensive.
  • The client’s need, as the SEO strategy and duration depends on it.
  • The number of pages, i.e. the bigger their number, the higher the price.

However, the price is not the most important. It is the fact that works are carried out in a manner, which allows the website to become a leader in the market. After all, everyone will agree to pay for that!

When it is best to carry out SEO?

Now! Though, SEO is never too late to carry out. However, this service is rightly considered to be a marathon and not a sprint, i.e. it requires some time. Therefore, it has to be started as soon as possible. Why? Your business will prosper thanks to SEO. What does it mean? People will know and see your website. More people will visit the website. It will become more attractive to people. Your rankings will grow and the sales will increase. You will gain profit. Do you want it? Go ahead! Carry out SEO NOW.

The analysis of key words and the research of competitors

Do you know what the first step of SEO is? It is the analysis of key words. Do you know how to carry it out? There are two possible ways, i.e. you can carry it by yourself or buy this service from a company.

If you select the first way, you will have to assess important factors, i.e. the expedience of key words, popularity and competition. It may involve assistance, i.e. Google Keyword Planner or any other tool. It shows their scope and effectiveness, i.e. the attraction of people to the website. Further, you need new ideas. If you select the second way, everything will be done for you. You will only have to pay for it.

Why is the expedience important? Because it will bring benefit:

  1. More people will visit the website.
  2. The demand for website will increase, i.e. people will buy more.
  3. Profit will grow, i.e. people will buy your product quickly.

How and why are competitors important?

Not only the key words of competitors are important, but also their other activities. It means that they have to be researched. After it, you will soon become better than your competitors. You will know how often they update and change content. You will know the type of their content (whether it is a text or an image). You will see whether they use H tags. You will also know whether they use social networks and their benefits, how they are evaluated by search engines. In addition, other factors also have to be research, i.e. did you find meta descriptions? Did competitors chose HTML code properly, and similar. It will give you knowledge about competitors. You will know their pros and cons.

Why is it necessary? To make the website highly appreciated and popular. The website will be brought to the top of the search. More people will visit the website. And, of course, they will bring profit.

On-page optimization – website audit

On-page SEO consists of two parts, i.e. SEO audit and website structure. It covers the entire inside of the website, i.e. many areas:

  1. Website structure, i.e. the number of pages.
  2. Website operating principle, i.e. is it in order? Is everything working in it? Whether there is no overload of information? Absence of plagiarism and others.
  3. Meta descriptions, i.e. are they suitable.
  4. Quality of links and their structure, i.e. are they short and reliable.
  5. Suitability of images, i.e. their quality and place.
  6. Website speed, i.e. how much time it takes to load the website and how does it work.
  7. Quality of content, i.e. are texts valuable? Are they comprehensive? Are they often changed and updated? Are they clear and etc.
  8. Design, i.e. beautiful and customized for devices.

Therefore, all these factors are related to the inside of the website. The quality of these works is extremely significant, as it determines the success of the website. It is like foundation of the entire SEO, i.e. the most important part of the SEO process. It increases the value of the website on the search and allows other actions, i.e. off-site SEO.

When on-site SEO is carried out, an audit should be performed. It will show whether SEO was carried out properly. Was it based on biding guidelines? Is it suitable for search engines and others? In addition, you will know what hinders the website. Moreover, you will receive valuable advices. Your website will work perfectly!

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions should be designed for people, i.e. should interest them and they should enjoy it. If so, they will choose precisely your website and visit it. Then what? Your will get benefit, i.e. high search ranking. Why? Because the search engine will understand: if a person came to the website and stayed for some time, it means that he enjoyed it and it is good.

Thus, good meta description should include:

  1. Coherent, fluent and clear texts.
  2. Text which includes key words.
  3. Proper length and composition of a text, i.e. not more than 160 characters.
  4. Text oriented to a person, i.e. first, he reads the title, then meta description, which has to be interesting to him.
  5. A unique text, i.e. it can be found ONLY on your website.

All this can be checked with special tools, e.g. Google Webmaster Tools.

Work on your meta description and you will feel the benefit, i.e. a number of clicks, plenty of sales and, of course, profit!

Website speed

What slow speed does? It harms your business, i.e. people do not visit your website at all, do not buy anything, reduce profit. Moreover, it annoys people and they rarely return to the website. In addition, even search engines give you low rankings. How to avoid it? In order to get benefit, you need GOOD website speed, i.e. it should load within 3 s. You can either try to increase the speed by yourself (e.g. by using Google developers page speed insights tool), or to contact the SEO company. They truly know what to do:

  1. they determine what slows down the website by using a special program.
  2. they find and eliminate troubles.
  3. they manage fonts and images, i.e. optimize them.
  4. they make the website convenient, i.e. create access for those who often visit the website.

Let the website work fast and bring only benefit!

Quality of content

Content – all what makes people stay on or leave the website. What makes it to be of good quality and to bring you benefit? The essential conditions:

  •  properly prepared texts, i.e. attractive to people and search engines.
  •  included images, i.e. video, pictures and etc. They immediately draw attention.
  •  convenient surfing, i.e. people can easily find what they need.
  •  beautiful design, i.e. everything is presented with moderation.
  •  mobile application, i.e. possibility to access the website anytime and anywhere.

If it is of good quality and unique, it will be valued not only by people, but also by search engines. At the same time, you will get benefit. Because it will:

  1. increase competitive advantage, i.e. you will become a leader!
  2. prompt the growth of sales, i.e. you will gain profit!
  3. ensure visibility, i.e. you will be easily found on search engines!
  4. form an attractive image, i.e. you will be assessed well!
  5. increase popularity, i.e. will help to occupy a high position on the search!

Thus, quality of content – success in business!

H Tags

H tags are significant. They are of different level <h1>, <h2>, … and differ in their significance, i.e. the lower the number, the bigger the significance. For instance – shoes’ website:

<h1> shoes </h1> – it is a common text.

All other tags have to reveal qualities, i.e. certain details:

<h2> winter shoes </h2> – a type of shoes, i.e. shoes for winter season.

<h3> winter shoes from leather </h3> – it expands  <h1> and <h2> tags.

H tags have to be connected with key words, i.e. to correspond to them and to be specific. This way Google will know what is important, i.e. the basis of your website ranking on the search. In addition, SEO cannot exist without this action.

Off-site SEO – link development

Off-site SEO – 80% of value of all SEO actions. It consumes a lot of time, i.e. even up to several months. Why so much? It covers a number of actions. Particularly:

  1. back links of good quality, i.e. they have to lead people to your website.
  2. your articles on other websites, i.e. an article together with a link to your website. It is necessary to make your content good, i.e. valuable and relevant.
  3. links in forums, discussions, i.e. they have to be in a certain place and time. E.g. to help people and to answer their questions.
  4. presence in social networks. It attracts people and makes you prominent.

It is worth the effort, since search engines will evaluate it, i.e. they will know that your website is better than others regarding certain topics. If SEO will be carried out poorly, you will soon feel it. It harms the website, i.e. removes it from the search, reduces reliability and etc.

What is the benefit to you? You – a leader in the market, i.e. prominent, popular and profitable.

Links of good quality

Actions with links are a part of SEO and one of the most important. Why? It directs a person to the website and shows value of the website to search engines, i.e. that it is popular and reliable. All of this will bring benefit, i.e. increase website ranking.

However, benefit requires:

  1. not quantity, but quality, i.e. the link should not be misleading, it has to be useful.
  2. uploading of links to a specific location, not anywhere.
  3. uploading of links to websites that contain few links. E.g. if a website already has 5 links, you will have to share ranking with all of them.

Therefore, it is worth pursuing the quality of links. It provides a high ranking and brings you benefit.

Strategy for content development and distribution

Content is all what people see. Thus, it has to be constantly developed and changed. But it is not enough. What else is necessary to make it suitable?

  • A vision, i.e. to know where you are going. You need a plan, what you want to have in 3 or 5 years. And to pursue the plan purposefully.
  • An audience, i.e. you have to anticipate: age; gender; hobbies; used social networks; what influences people and etc.
  • Content audit, i.e. to investigate the existing content and to develop it further as well as to observe how it affects people.
  • Success metrics, i.e. social networks; engagement metrics (i.e. for how long a person stayed and how many pages he visited) and etc.
  • Analysis of disadvantages, i.e. where you were in the past and what to do in the future.

Having fulfilled all of it, you will have a content of high quality. Then, you will be able to distribute the content. E.g., if it is uploaded to a strong website, your website will be visited by a number of people. And, of course, it will bring you profit and benefit.

SEO articles

An articles – a part of SEO. What kind of text brings success?

  • interesting, i.e. a person has to enjoy it. It cannot be a copy of another text.
  • valuable, i.e. not only information, but also advices, suggestions.
  • of proper length, i.e. fully revealed topic.
  • of good structure, i.e. based on certain guidelines. E.g. key words have to be included into headlines, the text, meta descriptions and etc.
  • fluent, i.e. of proper topic and purpose (i.e. related to your activity and offered products).

Website quality depends on articles, i.e. it is good and people feel it, constantly visit the website or not. Do you want a text which brings benefit? Then, let professionals to prepare it!

Evaluation of results

You need to check the rates of the website constantly, i.e. rejection and reviews, visibility and other factors. It is highly significant. It demonstrates effectiveness of SEO. How to carry out all of this? Various tools, e.g. Google Analytics, will provide help. It will reveal the rates of website activity. It will also provide necessary reports.

Once you know all of this, further SEO actions will be clear, i.e. what needs to be done or changed.

More possibilities of SEO service assessment

SEO has cycles. It means that even if you are in the first place, that is not all. Even if you performed everything, do not stop, i.e. continue research, development, activity. Do it for the whole SEO process. E.g. for key words, i.e. in order to find many more valuable words.

The constant work on the website is necessary, i.e. it has to be developed and updated. This will allow it to remain at the top of the search!